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Over the years people have been commenting

on my work

"You are an exceptional thinker, a creative soul, a luminary in bold and subtle ways, and a key creator of culture."

COO, global consulting firm

"Many thanks again for your great contribution to my book, a Whole New Mind."

Author Daniel Pink

“You may have sparked a small revolution here at Harvard as I overheard students telling friends how they plan to engage the members of their respective student groups in the innovation process.”

Harvard Professor


"After the work was presented to our Board of Governors, I can recall one board member saying, "10 years from now, we will look back at this meeting and say - that was the most significant initiatives in the history of our organization." I couldn't agree more."

EVP, educational institution


"Your deep expertise and ability to light minds on fire were completely engaging. What a terrific way to learn.  I absolutely reveled in the brain stretching exercises and involving approach.  As surely many of us are, I'm eager to put my expanded skills to use immediately."

Workshop Attendee

"The story you shared about your experience in Africa and the sanitation dilemma you were faced with surfaces on a daily basis for me. So know you are here and like water running over a rock, slowly your story and your presence is changing me in ways not seen on a moment to moment basis but changing me nonetheless."

Workshop Attendee

"It was probably the most effective seminar I have ever been to in my career."

Workshop Attendee

"Thank you, you deserve it all.  You are a master, and that comes from somebody who is a professional conference attendee."

CEO, non-profit


"Congratulations to you and your entire team.  It is one thing to do great design.  It is quite another to let the world know about it.  You and your team continue to push the boundaries of design.  No other firm has demonstrated your breadth of talent. Your work is impressive at many levels and your success is well-deserved."

CEO, medical device company


"I wanted, before anything, to THANK you for your time here in El Salvador! I can really talk for everybody that attended, when I say, we really value your time with us and I am certain we will make the most out of it! Eeeeeverybody was eating up every word you guys said! (me included!) We all left the event with a big ol' smile on our faces and with so much more tools to work with after your presentations, workshops and off-schedule consultations!"

Conference Organizer

"Probably one of the biggest highlights of my CPSI experience was having the opportunity to interact with you at the immersion program and through out the conference. I learned a lot from thank you very much."

Conference Attendee


"Your presentation was so inspiring, we would follow you anywhere!"

Conference Attendees

"The Forum was extremely successful owing to your contributions. Many CEOs informed to me that your lecture was very helpful for them to understand the importance of creativity and how to manage them."

Conference Organizer

"It wasn't just me... there were several people who commented on the grounded, usable wisdom they found in your talk!"

Conference Attendee

"You were an excellent, empathic storyteller on stage. Many people noted your talk as a 'favorite', in that it was not in the typical fashion that we're used to seeing."

Conference Organizer


"Would like to thank you for the great opportunity you provided us by being here in Amman Jordan for the workshop. I have had plenty of talks and discussions with some of the attendants after the workshop and am exceptionally pleased to see that your influence triggered some questions and a design awareness that was inexistent prior to the event!"

Workshop Attendee

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