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new ways of being

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Design Thinking at its core is a human-centered approach to solution making. It is a process and a set of methodologies but most importantly it’s a mindset. This mindset is a hallmark of effective leaders.  


I create and deliver customized learning experiences for individuals, teams and organizations. These are based on Design Thinking and have focused on:

  • Creating innovative new products, services and systems designed to serve people.

  • Solving complex challenges that defy the conventional linear problem solving approaches.

  • Accelerating organizational change efforts by helping organizations get unstuck and imagining compelling new futures.

  • Expanding people’s leadership toolkit to increase their empathy, creative thinking and risk taking.


These learning experiences are:

  • Highly contextualized to deal with real-world challenges and opportunities facing the participants in their organizations or communities.

  • Experiential action based learning with tangible outcomes.

  • Practical, engaging and allow participants to leave with tools and skills they can immediately apply.


As a result of learning new tools, developing new skills and adopting a Design Thinking mindset, participants have created new products and services, affect social change, built stronger communities, accelerated economic development, changed government policy and created new businesses.


"It was probably the most effective seminar I have ever been to in my entire career!"

Workshop Attendee

Here are some of the fine organizations I have created or co-created learning experiences for:




Alberta College of Pharmacists

Association for Advanced Research in Counseling

Association of Managers of Innovation

Business Innovation Factory

Creative Leadership Council

Creative Problem Solving Institute

Council for Indian Industry

Forum for Emotional Intelligence Learning

Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative

Institute for Performance and Learning

League of American Orchestras

Library Association of Alberta


Pacific Northwest Library Association

Supply Chain Management Association



Baxter Healthcare

Bell Canada

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical Company

Coaches Training Institute

Eastman Chemical Corporation (See the story here)

Eaton Corp

General Motors


Hindustan Petroleum Corporation

Lane Construction Company


PepsiCo (See the story here)

Schwan Food Company

Seven Generation Energy

Shanghai GM

Zain Group


Educational Institutions

AVT Business School

Center for Creative Leadership

Cornell University

Harvard Business School

Simon Fraser University

Texas A&M University

Tata Institute of Social Science

UNC Chapel Hill

University of Victoria

Virginia Tech



Alaska Humanities Forum

Robert Woods Johnson Foundation

Rockefeller Foundation

Suncor Energy Foundation




BC Assessment

City of Dawson Creek (See the story here)

Library of Parliament - Canada

Prime Minister's Office Singapore (See the story here)

Ontario Teachers Pension Plan

USAID - Expro El Salvador

USAID - El Salvador Competitive Project



Center for Credentialing and Education

National Board of Certified Counselors

Non-profit alliance of Warwick RI

Pain BC

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